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Photographers & Artists

Photographers & Artists

Gamble Welcomes You!

Individual photographers and painters are welcome to work at the Gamble Garden for non-commercial purposes. The following guidelines must be observed to protect and preserve the Garden so that everyone may enjoy it.


We are a self-supporting garden – not a public park.

Please check with the office two weeks before your visit. Access to certain parts of the Garden may be limited on the weekends. Do not enter any area marked with a “Private Party” sign.

  • No dance videos
  • No multiple photoshoot sessions (one individual photoshoot is allowed per photographer)
  • No sign-up sessions permitted
  • No equipment permitted – no lights, props, etc.
  • No balloons, outside flowers, confetti, or other potential litter.
  • All persons and items must stay on pathways, which must remain accessible to other visitors. Stepping in garden beds is not permitted.
  • Using nails, tacks, staples, and adhesive tape on fences, posts, or buildings is prohibited.
  • Furniture, benches, picnic tables, and signage may not be moved.
  • Foliage, flowers, or fruits in the garden may not be moved, picked or pruned in any way.
  • Follow our Visitor Policy.

Groups must be limited to 10 or fewer. Children must always be supervised. We recommend one adult per child, 5 years and younger, with 4 or 5 children to a small group.

Access to a particular area is determined by the Garden Director. You may be asked to leave or relocate to another area for any reason. Please be aware that the formal gardens are frequently rented for private functions starting at noon on weekends.

Photographers and artists must stay on the path.  No photography or painting may take place in any garden beds.

Artists may use acrylic, oil, pastel, or watercolor and may not set up on the brick or tile areas. A protective tarp or plastic must cover all counters and raised bed structures, tables, and benches used. Please furnish you own water and do all cleaning of brushes off-site. Wastewater and disposal of any other excess materials must be carried off-site and not disposed of on Gamble property. The sinks on the property are not to be used for cleaning brushes or supplies.

Restrooms are available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 2 pm and are closed to the public on the weekends.

No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property.

Thank you for your cooperation.