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Meet Our Volunteers

Volunteers -- The Lifeblood of the Garden

Gamble Volunteers are as diverse as the garden itself. They come from all walks of life, making up a rich and colorful tapestry of ethnicities, backgrounds, and abilities. All share a common sense of purpose, connection to the community, and love for Gamble Garden. Their hard work and dedication is the reason that Gamble Garden continues to thrive.

Click on the names below to read about some of our wonderful volunteers. Let their stories inspire you, then click on the button below to sign up!

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Tom is a regular Garden (a.k.a. "Dirty Knees Brigade") Volunteer, teaming up with fellow volunteers Ian and Jonathan . Tom met Ian and Jon on Day One with the Dirty Knees Brigade, and the the three hit it off instantly. Tom says, "Ten years later, we are still standing (and kneeling as well)". The trio do a lot more than standing and kneeling; they are Dirty Knees powerhouses, performing many of the thankless physical tasks of gardening, working long hours, even during winter break.

"It is a real plus working with like-minded people," Tom states, "and being a member of the Dirty Knees Brigade is pretty cool." However, camaraderie isn't the only reason Tom likes to volunteer at Gamble. "There is a true feeling of satisfaction of having made a contribution to the beauty of the garden".


Tessa is one of the youngest volunteers in Gamble Garden's history, if not the youngest -- she has been volunteering for Gamble Garden since she was five years old! The daughter of Gamble's Children's Events coordinator, Tessa began her volunteer stint at the annual Children's Holiday Party, helping out as the snowman sidekick of the winter princess, and hasn't stopped volunteering since. These days, Tessa has taken on a more involved volunteer role, helping to organize and manage various classes and Children's Events at Gamble. Due to her long history of volunteering, Tessa also guides other volunteers about their responsibilities and what they need to do during events.

A student at Palo Alto High School, Tessa juggles schoolwork, soccer, tennis and painting, but she still finds time to volunteer at Gamble. When asked why she volunteers at Gamble, Tessa replies, "Everyone at Gamble Garden is super nice and welcoming. Whenever I volunteer at Gamble Garden, I always learn new things and different life skills. The people I meet at Gamble are a wealth of fascinating information and stories! Also, I feel giving back to the community is important. "

"I've grown up in this garden," Tessa says . "I believe it's important to maintain this property for future generations to enjoy. Gamble Garden represents the environment, sustainability, community service and public access -- all tenets that are important to me."


Asha began volunteering at Gamble's Horticultural Office when she was in 8th grade.  The volunteered through her high school years as a summer intern and during the school year. Whenever she could fit us in to her already busy schedule, she would lend us additional help by coming in on Saturdays to help with watering containers or do some deadheading in areas such as the rose garden that needed a little attention before an event.

Asha has always had an interest in gardening and connecting with nature. She was looking for a way to combine her interest in the outdoors with her desire to help through community through service efforts, and Gamble turned out to be a great fit. When asked what she enjoys about volunteering at Gamble Garden, Asha replied, "One of my favorite parts of volunteering at Gamble is of course learning so much from the garden staff and being able to work in such a beautiful place, as well as having the opportunity to connect with other volunteers of all different ages."

Asha is currently a student at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, pursuing Environmental Studies.


Jane is the consummate volunteer at Gamble Garden; she has served in so many different capacities that it's probably easier to mention which committee Jane hasn't joined! Jane has been involved with the garden since 1990. She has served as Board President, Chaired Public Relations, Endowment, Docents, Strategic Planning, the centennial year in 2002 and two Gala Parties in 2005 and 2010. She finished her second term on the Board of Directors in 2019 and serves on the Endowment Committee, Docent Committee, and Over the Garden Fence.

"I have always enjoyed volunteering at Gamble", Jane says. "The people are fun, smart, and willing to work hard. There are interesting and important challenges that are always compelling. I strongly believe in the mission of Gamble Garden. Gamble provides a place and a variety of tangible ways to connect with the magic, the bounty, and the basics of a garden. This is what keeps me participating. A garden means something different to each of us. It is a tapestry with endless possibilities and endless pleasures".

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