Gamble Feature: Outgoing Board President Susan Benton and Incoming President Joan Sanders

July marks a new fiscal year and a new Board of Directors. Everyone on the Board deserves a round of applause, especially outgoing President Susan Benton. We are sorry to see the end of her two-year term but happy that she will continue to serve as Special Projects Chair. Susan will be leaving her position in the capable hands of Joan Sanders, incoming Board President. Both women are accomplished in their personal and professional lives, with many years of volunteer service to Gamble Garden and other organizations. Gamble is very lucky to have them!

Susan Benton

Outgoing Board President Susan Benton grew up in New York. In the early ‘70s she came to San Francisco where she earned a Masters Degree in Special Education. With a specialty in Blind and Low Vision students, she taught in the San Francisco Unified School District for seven years. Afterward, she taught in a Masters program for future Special Education teachers. In the late 1970s, Susan met and married Lee Benton (now deceased). Susan and Lee moved to Palo Alto, where they raised their two sons, when Lee opened the Silicon Valley office of Cooley LLP.

Susan Benton and Joan Sanders

Susan joined the Garden Club of Palo Alto in 1981 and was involved with Gamble Garden from its inception in 1985. She was an active member of the Education Committee during the 1990s and taught a variety of classes. Susan has held a number of positions at Gamble, including Special Events Chair, two-time co-chair of Spring Tour, and served on the Board of Directors from 1996 to 1999 and from 2004 to 2010. Susan is a member of the Luncheon Committee and was a member of its predecessor, the Tea Committee.

When not at Gamble, Susan enjoys travel, photography, jewelry making, gardening, and visiting her eight-month-old granddaughter. You can often find her around Gamble Garden at dusk, photographing Paul’s flower beds. Susan and a partner own a gift business, Kindred Spirits.

Congratulations, Susan on a successful term as Board President!
Thank you for all that you have done for Gamble Garden.

Joan Sanders

Incoming Board President Joan Sanders was born and raised in Evanston Illinois. She graduated from Northwestern University and was a Spanish teacher in the Evanston school system for three years. Joan and her husband Mo moved to San Francisco in 1968, then to Atherton in 1970 where they raised 5 children. Joan and Mo still reside in Atherton today.

Joan has been a volunteer for various organizations for over 50 years. She finds joy and satisfaction in supporting good ideas in the company of others. While her children were growing up, Joan was active in many organizations including Boy Scouts, the Atherton Garden Guild, and church. Since then, Joan has also served as president of the Junior League of Palo Alto, Friends of Filoli, and the Palo Alto Garden Club.

Joan has been an active member of Gamble Garden for many years. She has taught several floral arranging classes for Gamble and volunteered with the Flower Arranging Committee, Spring Tour Committee, and Spring Tour underwriting.  As president-elect, Joan served on a number of committees in the past two years.

Susan Benton and Joan Sanders

Joan has loved gardens and plants since childhood. She works in her garden every day and finds a special joy in being able to share her garden with others. Joan’s garden has been featured in several publications, and she has opened her garden for tours with Gamble Garden and other organizations.

Thank you, Joan, for stepping up and taking on the responsibilities of Board President! We look forward to your energy, enthusiasm, and leadership.