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Spring Tour 2022 Garden photo by Nadine Priestley

Zen Palette

Sleek, modern simplicity, a monochromatic palette, and free flowing spaces characterize this garden designed for family living. The owner’s modern aesthetic is reflected in the home’s custom-made steel gates, open floor plan, and clean, simple lines. Plant variety is kept to a minimum, but repeated in abundance throughout the property to maintain a consistent look and feel. This repetition of elements is evident in paved pathways that traverse the property, and in the undulating kurapia that covers the front and back yard.. A contoured hillside with a dramatic slice-through defines the property and provides separation for a tranquil retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. An in-ground trampoline and zip line are seamlessly incorporated into the landscape, making this a place where children can truly play, while still staying true to the homeowner’s minimalist style.