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Spring Tour 2022 Garden photo by Nadine Priestley

Whimsical Cottage

A winding path makes its way throughout this garden, connecting multiple gathering areas with playful touches and eye-catching gems at every turn. A terra cotta path and Provence lavender at the front of the property pay homage to the family’s Gallic heritage. Style meets function in curving planter boxes, a grape stake fence, and bicycle rack sculpture. Points of interest include a repurposed Talavera tile birdbath, a back wall filled with driftwood sculpture and graffiti art, and a custom-built steel pergola with cutout designs that cast gorgeous patterns of sunlight. Natural elements offer an abundance of beauty in the form of Columnar Apple trees, creeping fig vine, giant ferns, and giant redwood trees, to name a few. It all adds up to a garden that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to spend time in.