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Digital Membership


Keep your Gamble membership card and member discounts handy in your Apple or Android wallet.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of membership with your digital eMembership card on your smartphone:

Access your digital membership card from any browser HERE, or follow the instructions below to download the app.

  1. On your smartphone, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the free “eMembership Card” app from Museum Anywhere.
  2. Open the application and find and select the Gamble Garden tile from the list of institutions.
  3. Find your Membership ID#: Open your most recent member newsletter and locate your Membership ID# and last name of the primary member immediately below the header image OR Open your membership renewal email or letter and locate your Membership ID# and last name of the primary member above the salutation
  4. Select “Find My Membership Cards” and enter your Membership ID# and the last name of the primary member.
  5. To access your Membership Card,  click on the “Show My Membership Cards” button.

Your card can also be accessed via Apple Wallet or Google Play. To add your card, under Show My Membership Cards, click Add to Wallet.

Instructions on how to access those features are available online

If you prefer a paper card instead, you can:
  • print your membership card or a photo of the membership card from home,
  • email [email protected] and request a card be emailed to you as a PDF to print from home, or
  • email [email protected] and request a printed card be mailed to you.


Email [email protected] to have your information updated in the membership database.