Announcing Gamble Garden’s 2018 Holiday Pop-Up Shop

Holiday Pop-Up Shop 2018

Something new and special is coming to Gamble this December! On Tuesday December 4th,  4:00pm-8:00pm and Wednesday December 5th, 10:00am-5:00pm (also the first two days of Gamble’s Holiday Luncheons), Gamble will be hosting a Holiday Pop-Up Shop featuring SF Bay Makers, a group of artists and designers from San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Items range from clothing, accessories, household art and gift items and more.

The Holiday Pop-Up Shop will be at the Carriage House and Tea House. This will be SF Bay Makers’ first visit to the Peninsula and we are very excited to have them. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Gamble, so come ready to shop for the holidays and for yourself. Our list of vendors includes:

Aplat – designer totes to carry things you love to share: Food+Wine+Garden
Costa Japan – hand embroidered clothing collection
Eight + Sand – sustainable clothing collection
June Taylor Jams – jams, syrups, and Christmas cake
Mitsuko Siegrist – functional pottery
My Dear Tejas – deerskin collection of jackets home decor and small leather goods
Peace à Porter – handmade jewelry
Z Line Lavender Farm – lavender sachets

Learn more about each vendor and view some of their products below:

Participating Vendors


Aplat is a San Francisco-based company designing chic culinary totes to carry and share food, wine, and garden – zero waste in design and manufacturing for zero waste living. Aplat’s passion is to deliver a meaningful lifestyle experience that is sustainable from farm-to-factory-to table through their patented products. The Company’s origami design principles include highly engineered folds that create volume for infinite product creativity and allow the elimination of all hardware for superior product quality and function to last generations.

Costa Japan

Costa Japan was born from founder Ruiko Kurihara’s desire to create something using hand-embroidery from Vietnamese artisans.  Her mission has since grown three-fold: to be passionate about making each piece of garment with our friendly and professional artisans, to preserve the art of Vietnamese hand embroidery, and to provide consumers with a truly pleasing buying experience.

Eight + Sand

Eight + Sand makes sustainable, high quality clothing. Their subtle cuts, precision sizing and attention to detail are reminiscent of the beautiful, enduring heirlooms of yesteryear. Eight + Sand uses ethically-sourced materials, working with small, family-owned, American manufacturers where workers are respected and well-compensated.

June Taylor Jams

Treat yourself and your loved ones to homemade jams, syrups and Christmas cake from June Taylor Jams. June Taylor’s artisanal fruit confections and preserves feature usual fruits such as bergamots, kadota figs and Santa Rosa plums, infused with homegrown flowers and herbs to creative complex, flavorful pairings. Prepared in small batches on a stove-top, with no commercial pectin, June’s treats revive the tastes and techniques of long-forgotten country cooks.

Mitsuko Siegrist

Mitsuko Siegrist grew up in a family where meals were prepared and served with thoughtfulness and care. This is reflected in her exquisite ceramic tableware, which display a soul and sensibility that reach far beyond their mere use as a tea vessel, bowl, or dessert plate. Though Siegrist’s works are intended for everyday use, their artistry enhances  the food placed upon it, turning the act of dining into a special experience.

My Dear Tejas

My Dear Tejas‘ handcrafted leather collection is thoughtfully designed in Northern California and meticulously crafted by artisans in Texas. Their buttery-soft leather is sustainably sourced and prepared by a tanner in Colorado working to keep the tanning tradition alive in North America. Includes jackets, bags, home decor and small leather goods and accessories.

Peace à Porter

Peace à Porter combines founder Louise Stroe’s passion for jewelry with her passion for promoting peace and human rights. Her one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry is inspired by cultures around the world, fashioned from Tahitian pearls, lustrous metals, glass and shell beads, quartz crystals, and more. Peace à Porter donates a portion of the proceeds of each piece of jewelry sold to support an ever-growing list of  humanitarian organizations, including the Global Fund for Women, Doctors Without Borders, and Amnesty International.

Z Line Lavender Farm

Enjoy the relaxing aroma of lavender from  Z Line Lavender Farm. Owner Jennifer Busfield hand-stitches vintage handkerchiefs into delicate sachets, filling them with lavender locally grown at her family’s Sacramento County farm. Other products include brightly colored pillows and lavender firesticks.