Announcing Gamble’s New Watershed Garden

Gamble Garden is proud to announce the installation of a new watershed garden. The Watershed Garden will convert the quarter-acre of high water use turf grass at the corner of Embarcadero Road and Waverley Street into a vibrant, water-efficient garden. The garden seeks to demonstrate the watershed approach to landscaping; a concept that believes every garden is part of a greater watershed and should rely on sustainable and resilient practices to preserve resources, support wildlife and keep our oceans clean by eliminating storm water run-off.

The Watershed Garden elements will include colorful, climate-appropriate plantings, turf alternatives, a gurgling boulder fountain and curving pathways that will entice passersby to stop and experience all the beauty and tranquility that Gamble has to offer. The magnificent Canary Island palm tree will remain and serve as an inspiration for the textural, low maintenance plantings.