Earn a nature badge at Gamble Garden

Is your Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop interested in earning a Bug Badge, Animal Habitat, or Gardener Badge? Let Gamble Garden help! We can design a program incorporating educational lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on activities that fulfill the requirements for one or more of the following badges:

• Bug Badge
• Animal Habitat Badge
• Gardener Badge

This month, Four Palo Alto Girl Scout Troops earned their Bug Badge and Animal Habitat Badge at Gamble’s Monarch Butterfly class. Nature Conservationist Eleanor Laney discussed the monarch butterfly’s habitat, its life cycle, migration patterns, and other interesting facts. The girls made butterfly crafts and visited a pollinator garden filled with milkweed and salvia plants. Eleanor encouraged the girls to take home their gifts of milkweed seeds and milkweed plants and nurture them in their own gardens.

To schedule a Scout Troop badge class at Gamble Garden, call (650) 329-1356