Celebrating Jackie Rindal’s Retirement

On June 29, 2021, the Gamble community gathered to celebrate the retirement of a most beloved member, Jackie Rindal. Jackie has been Gamble’s Office Manager, and a huge part of Gamble’s success, for 18 years. Jackie retired at the end of June and will be moving to Michigan to spend more time with her family.

Jackie’s joined Gamble in February of 2003. Before joining the Gamble staff, Jackie was a Gamble volunteer. Her friend and garden business partner was volunteering with Gamble at the time, and convinced Jackie to join her. Then-Executive Director Ken Johnson originally hired Jackie to manage payments and membership, but her responsibilities quickly expanded to front office, facility rentals, luncheons, reports management, and more. Jackie has been a lynchpin at Gamble for 18 years.

From everyone at Gamble, we thank Jackie for all that she has done for Gamble, and we wish her the very best of luck!