Volunteer Appreciation Party 2024

Three cheers to our volunteers! They truly are a winning team. To honor the hardworking people who do so much for Gamble, the Volunteer Development Committee hosted their annual Volunteer Appreciation Party on June 19th. Guests made their own ice cream sundaes and received a small Team Gamble gift as a token of appreciation for everything they have done for Gamble this year. In keeping with this year’s theme, Cheers for Volunteers, members of the Membership Development Committee wore Team Gamble hats and carried flags and pom-poms. They even led the the crowd in a rousing chant:

One, Two… Tell us, who are you?  GAMBLE!
Three, Four… Who can help make a wreath for your door?  GAMBLE!
Five, Six… Who knows all the great garden tricks?  GAMBLE!
Seven, Eight… Whose events are first rate? GAMBLE!
Nine, Ten… Let’s do it again!
Ten, Nine… Whose lunches are divine? GAMBLE!
Eight, Seven… Whose gardens are like heaven? GAMBLE!
Six, Five… Whose volunteers make it all come alive? GAMBLE!
Four, Three… Who’s got dirty knees? GAMBLE!
Two, One… Now wasn’t that FUN?!!

What a great way to give the volunteers at Gamble the shout-out they deserve!  Many thanks to the Volunteer Development Committee for their hard work in putting together this wonderful event.  Scroll down to view more photos of the event.

Photo credits: Deanna Wong, Ana Picazo