Thank you to our 2019 Spring Tour Volunteers

Spring Tour 2019 was a resounding success! Gamble Garden thanks the many volunteers for their contributions of knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm.

2019 Spring Tour Committee Chairs

Pat Gregory and Ann Kalar

2019 Spring Tour Committee Members

Alison Ahmed, Manuela Ancheta, Jane Cate, Martha Chamberlain, David Chang, Sarah Cornwell, Joan Cronin, Pat Davis, Lena Dawson, Karen Douglas, Gary Dunker, Kristin Forbes, Dee Gibson, Margie Harrington. Dedra Hauser, Richard Hayden, Kathryn Ladra, Jeanne Lam, Nancy Merwin, Susann Mirabella, Elizabeth Moragne, Linda Norton, Judy Paris, Carmen Pekelsma, Nadine Priestley, Jackie Rindal, Colette Rudd, Deborah Ruskin, Joan Sanders, Stacie Snow, Isabelle Trainer, Gwen Whittier, Claire Whyburn, Deanna Wong

Gamble Garden Board

Joan Sanders, President; Susan Benton, Donna Bohling, Sarah Burgess, David Chang, Sarah Clark, Joan Cronin, Pat Davis, Lena Dawson, Karen Douglas, Gary Dunker, Pat Gregory, Iris Korol, Kathryn Ladra, Susann Mirabella, Judy Paris, Dana Perkins, Mary Powell, Jane Stocklin, Tonia Wisman

Gamble Garden Staff

Sarah Cornwell, Executive Director; Richard Hayden, Garden Director; Paul Acevedo, Facility Staff; Ella Ancheta, Garden Manager; Jane Bagley, Office Assistant; Kevin Coleman, Finance Manager; Michelle Edingfield, Garden Assistant; Gabrielle Gross, Even Manager; Katie O’Connor, Assistant Garden Manager; Ana Picazo, Marketing Manager; Cheryl Renshaw, Garden Assistant; Jackie Rindal, Office Manager; Veronica Thao, Garden Assistant; Sarah von Guggenberg, Event Site Supervisor


Susan Woodman for proofing the Spring Tour booklet, Susan Benton and Joan Sanders for helping with our Marketplace, and Betsy Gifford, Gwen Whittier and Gamble Garden Volunteers aka The Dirty Knees

Graphic Design

Jeanne Lam

Spring Tour Garden Photos

Nadine Priestley Photography


Omega Printing

Spring Tour Private Garden Owners

Each of you are generous and remarkable. Thank you for opening your garden to us!

Additional Thanks to our 2019 Spring Tour Underwriters

Additional Thanks to our 2019 Silent Auction Donors