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Tasty Tomatoes…and Other Members of the Mysterious Nightshade Family

Check out our free tomato-themed activities including special activities for kids and their families

The Nightshade Family: From Delicious to Deadly

Explore the mysterious world of nightshades with Dr. Doug Kalish, a biology PhD and longtime Gamble volunteer. Doug presents two easy ways to learn about nightshades — a twenty-minute video and a “go at your own pace” set of slides. Choose the one you like to get an overview of the nightshade (Solanaceae) family, learn which are delicious and which are deadly, and check out the various nightshades growing at Gamble!

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Grow Your Own Tomatoes at Home

Veronica Thao, Gamble Garden’s Edible Garden Program Manager, leads viewers on a tour of Gamble’s tomato beds and offers tips on growing tomatoes: when to plant, what fertilizer to use, how to repot, watering schedule, setting up pot irrigation, encouraging leaf growth, and more

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Salsa Recipe Contest

¡Atención, cocineras! ¿Tiene una gran receta de salsa? With so many tomatoes ready to harvest, we’re celebrating America’s favorite sauce — salsa — and we’re looking for your best homemade salsa recipes! Submit your recipes for a chance to win a private 45-minute guided tour of Gamble Garden for 6. The winning recipe will be featured on the Gamble site, Bloom Alert, and member newsletter. ¡Buena suerte!

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Kids at Home: Make your own Pita Pizza

Whole wheat pita bread
Olive oil
Shredded Mozzarella
2 TBS spaghetti sauce
Optional: pinch of garlic salt, thinly sliced carrots, roasted red or green peppers, cucumber matchsticks, dried oregano flakes, grated parmesan cheese

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Kids at Gamble: The Great Gamble Nightshade Hunt

Head to Gamble Garden to follow the one-way route on our Nightshade Trail and try your hand at The Great Gamble Brainteaser: The Tasty Tomato and Mysterious Nightshade Family Edition. How many questions can you get right? Don’t forget, adults can try this too!

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