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Time Trinkets

Unique Steampunk Jewelry Designs for men and women. Wonderfully intricate pieces for both men and women: Pendants, Earrings, Hair Combs, Brooches, and Hat Pins, Cravat Pins, Cuff Links, and Badges. Combining Victorian floral garden images, butterflies, bees and dragonflies, along with Dickensian themes concerned with the passing of time… for your amusement and delight…

About the Artist

Arynne Elfenbein is a Santa Cruz, CA designer, who has been  selling her jewelry creations throughout the Bay Area since 1991. Her work has been featured at The SF Dickens Fair and The Renaissance Faire along with various street art fairs. Her designs are very distinctive and will be noticed as quite unique when combined with your own personal style!

Time Trinkets is her line of Steampunk jewelry. Arynne began her adventure with her jewelry line Ancient Charms.