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Jennifer Tuton Jewelry

There’s something to be said about being a lady; being feminine and alluring, strong minded and intrepid. Effortlessly stylish. Elegant. Fashion is about putting something on and forgetting about it. The synergy between your inners and outers — surprising people with your uniqueness and exuding confidence. Being you.

This is where Jennifer Tuton gets her inspiration.

Originally from Boston, her trek to San Francisco has proven to be quite a successful journey. Her charming line of handmade jewelry is infused with her personality, spark and exuberance. It’s irresistible! Delicious concoctions of gemstones, golden chains and chic layers are the signature of all her creations. She works a palette like no one else, placing gems next to gems in unusual color combinations with designs that catch the eye and please the spirit. Whether dolled up or casual, there’s a piece of Jennifer Tuton jewelry that will blend with your every look.

Who are YOU going to be today, and what grand and glorious adventure will YOU be having?