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Succulents – Propagation, Maintenance and Care with Linda Roark

Succulents – Propagation, Maintenance and Care with Linda Roark

Saturday, March 31, 2018, 9:30am - 11:00am
1431 Waverley Street Palo Alto, CA 94301

Learn what it takes to keep these water-wise plants happy and healthy.

Linda Roark, designer of Gamble’s beautiful succulent container gardens, will talk about planting and caring for succulents, and how to divide and propagate ones that are overgrown. Bring your own overgrown succulent to divide and share and exchange your cuttings with others. Gamble will also have some cuttings and provide you with a terracotta pot and soil for you to bring a beautiful cutting home to add to your collection. Linda will have a slide presentation, and afterward will supervise a hands-on workshop in dividing and propagating the succulents. Be prepared to get your hands dirty.


Linda Roark has been a volunteer at Gamble Garden for over eight years. She designs customized containers using succulents, perennials and annuals. She had a succulent container featured in the book “Tips for Container Gardening” by Fine Gardening (2011). Her love and interest in succulents and gardening has been a lifelong passion. She admires succulents for their textural diversity and drama. She has designed and assembled the beautiful succulent containers that are sold at the silent auction at the Spring Tour plant sale every year.


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