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Gamble Garden Monarch Festival

Gamble Garden Monarch Festival

Saturday, October 12, 2019, 9:00am - 12:00pm
1431 Waverley Street Palo Alto, CA 94301

Join us at Gamble Garden for our first ever festival to celebrate monarch butterflies and pollinators!  Our October Second Saturday will be the home of this annual event, coinciding with the western monarch’s migration to the coast.

Activities include hands-on arts and crafts designed for learning,  games, education tables, live monarch life cycle displays, short talks for all ages on monarchs and pollinators.  The festival will culminate with a children’s monarch parade.  Come in Costume!

Each family can take home a free milkweed plant, with instructions on how to grow it and a sign designating their garden as monarch-friendly!

Help us raise awareness of the crisis the monarch butterfly is facing!  The festival is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the insect and it’s life cycle and how each of us can help to ensure their existence and the survival of all pollinators.


Join us in the Carriage House for presentations focused on specific topics

9:30 am – Save the Monarchs
Eleanor Laney is a member of the Garden Club of Palo Alto and as conservation chairman in 2015 spearheaded the Monarch Migration Revival project, aka Monarch Mamas. The conservation project is focused on efforts to save the diminishing numbers of western monarch butterflies.  

The garden club members have propagated over 1500 “monarch host” milkweed plants and distributed them to gardeners from South San Francisco to San Jose.  She participates in the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count and visited the UNESCO World Heritage site in Michoacán, Mexico, where she saw 150 million overwintering monarch butterflies. 

10:00 am – Bee-ing in Love With Bees
Local beekeeper Elizabeth Newell shares her love of bees and why you should love them too. Learn about these fascinating and often misunderstood pollinators and how you can show your love for them too.

Elizabeth Newell is the president of the Beekeepers’ Guild of San Mateo County and keeps honeybees at her Menlo Park home. An avid environmentalist, she makes her living breeding queen bees, giving beekeeping lessons, and rescuing bees that have set up house in people’s walls, sheds, and compost bins.

10:30 am – Meet Monica the Monarch and Calvin the Caterpillar
From an early age, an interest in insects was formed that continues as a hobby for Ray Schryver.

He learned about all the interesting features surrounding monarch butterflies as a docent at Natural Bridges. As a member of the Lepidopterists’ Society, Ray traveled to the tropics to identify the diversity of butterflies. He has been presenting butterfly talks at Gamble Garden for 15 years to the Roots and Shoots program.


Monarch & Pollinator Tree 
Decorate paper monarchs and pollinators to tie to our Monarch tree

Monarch Life Cycle Crowns
Cut out and decorate monarch butterfly life cycle stages to create a life cycle crown. Great to wear during the parade.

Monarch Tattoos

Story Time

Monarch Parade @ 11am
Costume characters will lead our parade through Gamble. We’ll conclude with a monarch butterfly release.

Visit Elizabeth’s House

Walkthrough Elizabeth’s house, built in 1902, and get a look into the early days of Palo Alto.  Our house docents are on hand to answer questions and share stories of old. The Santa Clara Chapter of Master Gardeners will be on hand in the house to answer your toughest home gardening questions.


Monarchs and pollinators need nectar plants that bloom throughout the seasons.  Visit our plant sale to see our great selections and October is the perfect time to plant perennials!




Registration Required for this Free Event

The Monarch Festival is a free event with registration required. 

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