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Member To Member Garden Tours

Member To Member Garden Tours

Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Members and a guest are invited to tour the private garden of Gamble’s incoming President, Joan Sanders. Join us for a tour of her one-acre garden in the historic Lindenwood section of Atherton, part of the original James C. Flood estate. In 1876, Mr. Flood began acquiring what would become 674 acres for his Linden Towers, a 42-room fairytale palace. This mansion was “…probably the most magnificent country home in America.” The grounds, lit by hundreds of gas lamps, were maintained by a landscape gardener with 120 assistants and embellished with statuary and fountains, some of which still remain in Lindenwood today

Joan’s home was built in 1946 as a model home by Ernie van Aspergn. Jack Stafford designed the original landscape in 1976. After his death, subsequent designs were created by Peggy Hinman. This stunning, mature garden is a showcase for many plants that thrive in our area, including birch, redbuds, and roses at their peak in late May.

Details on the location of this garden will be emailed to you the week of May 14th.