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Help us reach our NEW CHALLENGE GOAL: $150,000!

We have reached our $120,000 goal! Our heartfelt thanks to all donors for your generosity.
If you have not yet donated, there is still time! We are setting a new CHALLENGE GOAL of $150,000. In a year with a higher inflation, most supplies and services costs more. Additional giving will keep Gamble Garden operations going stronger! How close can we reach this goal? Can we surpass it? With your help, anything is possible!

Annual Appeal’s Impact to Gamble Garden

  • $100 donation helps us to acquire much-needed tools and garden equipment
  • $250 donation will help develop a virtual horticultural class for children
  • $500 donation buys plant material needed to replenish and maintain our garden areas
  • $1,000 donation allows us to refresh walkways and pathways
  • $2,000 donation contributes greatly to repairs in our 118-year-old historic Gamble house and carriage house.

Did You Know Gamble Garden is…

  • Passionate about preservation and innovation for our historic 1902 property for the present and generations to come.
  • An advocate for life-long love of gardens, gardening and harmony with the natural world.
  • Open to the public 365 days a year, accessible and welcoming to everyone at no charge.
  • Funded through the generosity of private citizens. We receive no monetary support from government — local, state or federal.


Donate Online

Make an online donation to the Annual Appeal with your credit card — it’s fast, easy, and secure! Have your credit card information handy and fill in the form to the right. →


Other Ways to Donate

  • To donate by mail with either credit card or check, please use this form and mail your payment to Gamble Garden 1431 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301.
  • To have an Annual Appeal envelope mailed to you, please email [email protected] or call 650 329 1356.
  • To donate in person with either cash or check, donate at our Main House front porch mail slot or our donation box next to the rabbit topiary. 
  • To donate a gift of stock, please use this form.
  • Visit our Iron Ranger next to our topiary rabbit and scan the QR code.

Our 2022 Annual Report is online

Read the Annual Report


Paul Althouse: Dedicated to Gamble’s mission since 1992

Retired nursery owner Paul Althouse has been named the Ambassador for this year’s Annual Appeal.

A living legend at Gamble, Paul began volunteering for Gamble in 1992 and kept Gamble’s Cutting Garden in pristine shape for decades. Paul’s Cutting Garden has supplied Gamble Floral Arrangers with an abundance of gorgeous fresh blooms for the arrangements that decorate the Main House and the arrangements donated to various community organizations.

Paul’s gardening experience dates back to his childhood, growing up on a citrus farm in the San Joaquin Valley. He was in the nursery business for sixty-five years, running the popular Redwood City Nursery before selling it in 2014. Well into his retirement years, Paul continued to volunteer at Gamble working many hours each week. Until recently, Paul was a constant presence in the garden. The sight of Paul on his hands and knees, trowel and shovel nearby, was a familiar one to any visitor who happened to walk by the Cutting Garden on any given day.

Recently retired from active volunteering, Paul is still a generous financial supporter of Gamble. His gifts of time, talent, and resources make Paul a true Gamble treasure, beloved by the entire Gamble community. Paul’s thirty years of volunteer work in Gamble’s Cutting Garden are an inspiring example of dedication to a cause, service to the community, and love for Gamble.

Thank you to our Annual Appeal donors

Tegan and Brian Acton
Robin Allen
Jeanne and Mike Althouse
Marilyn and Arden Anderson
Carol Bacchetti
Julie and Jon Backlund
Jane Bagley
Debbie & Dave Benson
Susan Benton
Susan D. Blois
Donna Bohling and Doug Kalish
Mary Brayton
Polly and Tom Bredt
Janet Brownstone & Andrew W. Verhalen Fund
Louise Bruce
Tess Byler
Lydia Callaghan and Adam Weiss
Laurie Callaway and Joe Dylewski
Joan and Gordon Campbell
Lou Caputo
Micki Cardelli
Maud Carol and Burton Goldfield
Linda L Carter
Glowe and David Chang
Sarah and Thomas Clark
Ann M Coulston

Betty Cowart
Diane and Howard Crittenden
Patricia and John Davis
Lena and William Dawson
Diane Doolittle
Rich and Pat Douglas
Patricia Emslie
Elizabeth and Sean Fee
Charlene Flack
Karen Flores
Ceseli D Foster
Dottie Free
William G. Friedman
Jane Gee
Dee Gibson
Jon Gifford
Jon Gifford
Loren and Mike Gordon
Patricia and Tod Gregory
Julius and Peggy Guccione
Julie Hall
Mary Ann Harris
Judith W. Harris
Gogo and Art Heinrich
Sally Hewlett Fund
Lee Hnetinka
Gloria Hom
Thomas Humphrey
Robert Jack
Laurie Jarrett
George M. Keiser & Carmen F. Keiser
Garner & Larry Kelly
Jeanne Kennedy
Carol Kenyon
Iris and Hal Korol
Sue Krumbein

Debbie & Doug Kundrat
Amy Larson & Tom Schmutz
Nancy Liang
David Lilienfeld
Worth Ludwick
Shawn and Douglas Mackenzie
Priscilla & Tony Marzoni
Gina Maya
Peggy McKee
Karen and Bruce McCaul
Nancy Merwin
Paul & Jane Millman
Susann and Richard Mirabella
Carolyn Mitchell
Sherilyn Moody
Diane Moore
Elizabeth & Mark Moragne
Nancy S. Mueller
Linda Norton
Anne J Nunan
Peggy and Boyce Nute
Beth O’Connor
Mike Olson
Carmen and Nick Pekelsma
Dana Perkins
Robin M Poppoff
Lonnie Polizotto
Lilyana Prasetya
Margaret Pringle
Wyatt and Anne Ritchie
Joseph Rodgers
Marde Gardner Ross
Stuart Rothenberg
Cecylia Rubio
Wendy L Russell
Rita and Tom Sabbadini

Ms. Joan Sanders
Kathy and John Schniedwind
Eleanor Schooley
Matt Scullin
Kathie Shaw
Donna Sheridan
Julie A Shinn
Charlet Singleton
Susan J. Smegal
Patti Smilovitz
Leslie Smith
Larry Sokoloff
Lillian Soohoo
Jane Stocklin
Tracy Storer and Marcia Kimes
Lisa & Peter Sullivan
Marilyn Sutorius
Suzanne Crocker
Joanne Taylor
Victoria B. Thoits
Ellen Tiswell
Connie Turkington
Lynn B. Ubhaus
Joan C Urquhart
C. Anne Vitullo
Kyuhee Voorhies
Virginia Walbot
Pamela Washburn
Tonia Wisman and David Schwartz
Deanna Wong and Kurt Berney
Lansing & Kingsley Wood
Susan and Doug Woodman
Grace Yang
Fang (Julie) Yuan
Betty Zambetti