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Our 2021-2022 Annual Appeal is Online

$52,863 raised toward our $88,500 goal


Annual Appeal’s Impact to Gamble Garden

  • $100 donation helps us to acquire much-needed tools and garden equipment
  • $250 donation will help develop a virtual horticultural class for children
  • $500 donation buys plant material needed to replenish and maintain our garden areas
  • $1,000 donation allows us to refresh walkways and pathways
  • $2,000 donation contributes greatly to repairs in our 118-year-old historic Gamble house and carriage house.

Did You Know Gamble Garden is…

  • Passionate about preservation and innovation for our historic 1902 property for the present and generations to come.
  • An advocate for life-long love of gardens, gardening and harmony with the natural world.
  • Open to the public 365 days a year, accessible and welcoming to everyone at no charge.
  • Funded through the generosity of private citizens.  We receive no monetary support from government –  local, state or federal.


Other Ways to Donate to the Annual Appeal

  • To donate by mail with either credit card or check, please use this form and mail your payment to Gamble Garden 1431 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301.
  • To have an Annual Appeal envelope mailed to you, please email [email protected] or call 650 329 1356.
  • To donate in person with either cash or check, donate at our Main House front porch mail slot or our donation box next to the rabbit topiary. 
  • To donate a gift of stock, please use this form.
  • Visit our Iron Ranger next to our topiary rabbit and scan the QR code.

You will receive a tax donation letter in the mail.


Thank you

  • Jan Aarts​​
  • Robin Allen
  • Jeanne Althouse
  • Elizabeth Andersen
  • Susan Benton
  • Donna Bohling and Doug Kalish
  • Janet Brownstone and Andrew W. Verhalen
  • Sarah Burgess and Ron Valencia
  • Grant Bushee
  • Peggy Calhoun
  • Susan and Scott Carey
  • Sarah and Tom Clark
  • Sarah and Trevor Cornwell
  • Pat and John Davis
  • Lena and William Dawson
  • Dorothy Deringer
  • Karen and Bruce Douglas
  • Anne Down
  • Sharon Erickson
  • Kristine and John Erving
  • Hannah Fingerhut
  • Bonnie MacKenzie Flanagan
  • Ceseli D Foster
  • Maureen Murray Fox
  • Dottie Free
  • Clare Gardella
  • Dee Gibson
  • Maud and Burton Goldfield
  • Pat and Tod Gregory
  • Ginger Guthrie
  • Julie Hall
  • Judith and Jerry Harris
  • Peggy and Harvey Hinman
  • Dr. Gloria Hom
  • Carol Kenyon
  • Marlys and Leo Keoshian
  • Jenny Kim
  • Corey Kreidler
  • Anne Lamb
  • Amy Larson
  • Susan Lutter
  • Gina Maya
  • Peggy and Ted McKee
  • Mimi and William Meffert
  • Dolly Owen Miller
  • Lilo and George Miller
  • Susann Mirabella
  • Carolyn Mitchell
  • Megan Noice
  • Beth O’Connor
  • Judy and Mark Paris
  • Dana Perkins
  • Lesley and Girvin Peters
  • Mary and Matthew Powell
  • Lilyana Prasetya
  • Colette Rudd and Marion Weiler
  • Kathie Shaw
  • Donna and James Sheridan
  • Betty Jo Sorensen
  • Eric Starr
  • Peggy Stetler
  • Carolyn Stewart
  • Katsy Swan
  • Anne and Craig Taylor
  • Joanne Taylor
  • Nancy R. Teater and Richard Johnsson
  • Cindy and Jeff Traum
  • Lynn and Frank Ubhaus
  • Joan Urquhart
  • Virginia Wade
  • Scott and Barbara Wallace
  • Sarah and George Wheaton
  • Susan and Douglas Woodman
  • Anne and Wyatt Ritchie