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$33,630 raised toward our $125,000 goal

Four donors are prepared to make $5,000 donations as we reach $25,000, $50,000, $75,000 and $100,000 and, if we raise at least $125,000, one donor will make a significant gift.

Annual Appeal’s Impact to Gamble Garden

  • $100 donation helps us to acquire much-needed tools and garden equipment
  • $250 donation will help develop a virtual horticultural class for children
  • $500 donation buys plant material needed to replenish and maintain our garden areas
  • $1,000 donation allows us to refresh walkways and pathways
  • $2,000 donation contributes greatly to repairs in our 118-year-old historic Gamble house and carriage house.

Did You Know Gamble Garden is…

  • Passionate about preservation and innovation for our historic 1902 property for the present and generations to come.
  • An advocate for life-long love of gardens, gardening and harmony with the natural world.
  • Open to the public 365 days a year, accessible and welcoming to everyone at no charge.
  • Funded through the generosity of private citizens.  We receive no monetary support from government: local, state or federal.




Other Ways to Donate to the Annual Appeal

  • To donate by mail with either credit card or check, please use this form and mail your payment to Gamble Garden 1431 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301.
  • To have an Annual Appeal envelope mailed to you, please email or call 650 329 1356.
  • To donate in person with either cash or check, donate at our Main House front porch mail slot or our donation box next to the rabbit topiary. Forms are available at both locations or donations may be given without.
  • To donate a gift of stock, please use this form.

The donation and name will be added to the donor list below and we will mail a tax donation letter.


"What Gamble means to me"

“With our long history in Palo Alto, Gamble Garden has played a role in many peoples’ lives, And especially these last few months, our garden has been a refuge to so many.

This summer, We asked our community “What does Gamble mean to me” and we have received many heartwarming responses. It’s my privilege to share some with you.

We will continue to gather responses to “What does Gamble mean to Me” throughout the fall. I invite you to send your response to my email address,

Thank you

Sarah Cornwell, Executive Director

Annual Appeal Donors

  • Anonymous

  • Jan A Abrams

  • Robin and Ron Allen*

  • Debbie Benson*

  • Susan Benton*

  • Donna Bohling and Doug Kalish*

  • Sarah Burgess and Ron Valencia*

  • Paul Chellgren

  • Anne and Terry Clark

  • Sarah and Thomas Clark*

  • Sarah and Trevor Cornwell

  • Patricia and John Davis*

  • Lena and William Dawson*

  • Karen and Bruce Douglas*

  • Gary and Jeffery Dunker

  • Shirley and Carl Finfrock

  • Dottie Free

  • Rachel Gershon

  • Maud Carol and Burton Goldfield

  • Loren and Mike Gordon

  • Patricia and Tod Gregory*

  • Susan and Derek Hine

  • Nancy R. Teater and Richard Johnsson

  • Iris and Hal Korol*

  • Ellen Lillington

  • Jeffrey Lu

  • Joanna Martin

  • Joann and Sam Meredith

  • Susann and Richard Mirabella*

  • Judy and Mark Paris*

  • Dana Perkins*

  • Anne and Wyatt Ritchie*

  • Colette Rudd and Marion Weiler*

  • Joan Sanders

  • Kathie Shaw*

  • Connie Turkington

  • Regina Whittington

  • Susan and Douglas Woodman*



* Current Gamble Garden Board of Directors Member